2PeM has a long-standing undisputed track record in the development, engineering, financing, construction and operational management of Renewable Energy Projects.

2PeM has a vast international experience in business and project development, project management and general management in challenging and dynamic business environments. 2PeM has a proven track record with start-ups, fast-growing and established firms active in the renewable energy sector.

Today, 2PeM has following business lines:

Business Lines

Development of Utility Scale Renewable Energy Projects

Technology and/or country and/or project specific mandates by 3rd parties

  • Onshore Wind
  • Energy Storage
  • Solar
  • Biomass-to-Energy
  • Waste-to-Energy
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Tiger Power Containers®

Small Scale Energy Solutions for:

  • Country side homes
  • Small industries & offices
  • Rural Electrification e.g. local communities
  • Telecom towers
  • Remote Industries & Applications e.g. oil rigs
  • Disaster Management
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Asset Management
  • For 3rd parties
  • For Tiger Power Containers®
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Buy and Sell-Side Transaction Management
  • Project Due Diligences
  • Sell-side advisory for proprietors desiring to sell their business
  • Buy-side advisory for acquirers investing in a new opportunity
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Core domains

Onshore Wind

Onshore wind // experience:

  • Development, of a Utility Scale Wind and Solar Project - U.A.E
  • Development of 150MW Onshore Wind Projects - FRANCE
  • Construction of a 6MW-150m Prototype Offshore Wind Turbine - BELGIUM
  • Construction of multiple Onshore Wind Projects - BELGIUM
  • Transaction Advisory Wind & Solar - ITALY

Energy Storage

Energy Storage // experience:

  • Tiger Power Containers

Biomass to Energy

Biomass to Energy // experience:

  • Design and Construction of a Bio-Ethanol Production Plant - BELGIUM
  • Design and construction of Slaughter House Treatment Plant - AZORES
  • Design and Construction of a Pig Manure Drying Plant - BELGIUM

Waste to Energy

Waste to Energy // experience:

  • Revamp of 2 Municipal Waste Treatment Plants - BELGIUM
  • Design and Construction of VOC treatment Plant - FRANCE
  • Design and Construction of an Industrial Waste Incinerator - SINGAPORE
  • Design and Construction of 3 Medical Waste Incinerators - POLAND
  • Construction of a Paint Sludge Incinerator - SLOVENIA

Solar PV

Solar PV // experience:

  • Initiation and set-up of a top trier Solar Development Company - INDIA
  • Set-up of a global Solar Engineering Center - INDIA
  • Development, and Project Financing of a utility-scale PV plant - CZECH REPUBLIC



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